We have noticed while working with these children that they face a problem with number-names. In Marathi and some North Indian languages, the number-names are a little peculiar. These children can say “80 and 4” quite easily. But they find ‘chauryanshi’ (चौंऱ्यांशी ) confusing.

Hurdle Race

There we go again. Start from scratch. Tarabai and Anutai had done this pioneering work decades ago. I feel amazed and saddened that their work is not outdated even today.

Free Tuitions on Nishkaam Karmayog

Suddenly, I felt quite depressed. Could Kishor or I really achieve anything in this highly unstable environment, by coming here to teach for a few days? Would these children – for whom we are taking all the efforts - really benefit at all? Is our work providing an answer to these children’s problems?


राधी केवळ चुणचुणीतच नाही तर म्होरकी सुद्धा आहे. जवाबदारी घेणे तिला आवडते. काल उमेश नी देवारामची मारामारी झाली तर हिने मध्ये पडून ती सोडवली. किशोरच्या वर्गात बसलेली असताना बाकीच्या मुलांची वकिली करण्यातही ती पुढे असते. पण भट्टीवरचे अस्थिर आयुष्य तिच्यातल्या या अंगभूत गुणांना फुलवू शकेल?


Radhi is not only smart, she is also a born leader. She likes to assume responsibility. One day when Umesh and Devram were fighting, she intervened and made them stop. When she is in Kishor’s school, she is always doing advocacy on behalf of her classmates. Will the unstable life on the brick kiln nurture her inherent qualities?


Kishor and I have decided to capture their life in photographs, prepare text based on the photos and ask them to read it. For those who are not showing an interest in reading, we are going to write their own stories. We believe that if such text is made available to them, they would definitely start taking an interest in learning to read.

अकरा खरड्यात किती राख?

खरे तर राहुलला अजून पाढे येत नाहीत. पण स्वतःच्या विश्वातली समस्या समोर आली तर ती सोडवण्या इतपत संख्यांवर प्रभुत्त्व त्याने नक्कीच मिळवलंय. आता आमच्या समोर आव्हान आहे ते राहुलच्या स्वतःच्या लवचिक रीती पासून सुरुवात करून त्याला अधिक अमूर्त अशा आकडेमोडीच्या सर्वसामान्य रीती पर्यंत घेऊन जाण्याचं.

From the Brick Kiln at Moj

With Rahul’s help, the doors of this almost unseen world have now opened to me and Kishor. We have decided to enter this world and observe it through the lens of pedagogy and explore ways to teach these children. We are not sure if our efforts will be successful. But the challenge is beckoning us, for sure!

मोजच्या भट्टीवरून

राहुलच्या मदतीने मला आणि किशोरला या मुलांच्या जगाचे दार किलकिले झाले आहे.आम्ही ठरवलंय कि या जगात शिरायचं, शिक्षणशास्त्राचे भिंग वापरून त्यांचं जग निरखायचं आणि या मुलांना शिकवण्याची वाट शोधायची. आम्ही आमच्या प्रयत्नात यशस्वी होऊ की नाही हे आम्हाला माहिती नाही. पण हे नवं आव्हान आम्हाला दोघांना ही खुणावतय एवढं नक्की.

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