Free Tuitions on Nishkaam Karmayog

Suddenly, I felt quite depressed. Could Kishor or I really achieve anything in this highly unstable environment, by coming here to teach for a few days? Would these children – for whom we are taking all the efforts - really benefit at all? Is our work providing an answer to these children’s problems?

Are the schools ready?

Even after being in the school child like Mati may make less progress as compared to other children. But still it is important that she continues in the system as dropping out means getting married and pregnant at a very young age.

शाळा तयार आहेत ?

शाळेत आल्यावर आपल्याला काही येत नाही, काही समजत नाही हीच भावना निर्माण होणार असेल तर मुलांना शाळेबद्दल गोडी का वाटावी? मतीसारख्या मुलांना अपयशच येईल अशी शाळेची रचना आपण करून ठेवली आहे का?

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